Lennart Foppe’s (born *1991 in Lingen, currently living in Muenster) work varies between a wide range of paintings and installations.The aesthetic vocabulary of Foppe, who studied Illustration and Fine Arts at the Muenster School of Design, incorporates large scale Installations with every Day Objects, making references to seemingly autonomy working apparatuses and biological forms. They are to be seen as an abstract closed system, which is following its own set of regulations.

Foppes Biological based installations and paintings are reminiscent of biospheres, where every period is connected to processual timing. Running stages of bacteria processing to cell division. Other organisms seeking to reproduction as part of a larger cell cycle. At the intersection point of the bustling organic periods his work reveal a closer look to the origin of human existence. A Snapshot of biological surfaces and primeval forms supplemented by a set of technical notes and gadgets. A formally reduced representation of the processes allows the viewer to look from a non scientific point of view. As a consequence the installation „counter-cultural behavior“ and “a gathering breaks” tries to evoke a world of biological forms by displaying several scientific Moments in a spatial experience. The objects, which are made of synthetics such as foam rubber, polyester or latex are somehow connectet to different periods of intercellular activity. On further inspection the objects also seem to have a human technical aspect. Spontanous placed little Microcosms where the function is somehow abstract and impenerable to the viewer.

© Lennart Foppe 2018