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Lennart Foppe
Meaningful Arranged Biosphere
Opening February 21th, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Exhibitionspace at Hawerkamp 31 e.V, Muenster

Under the title „Meaningful Arranged Biosphere“ Lennart Foppe (born 1991 in Lingen, lives in Muenster) presents his new Paintings and Installations.
Foppes Biological based paintings are reminiscent of biospheres, where every period is connected to processual timing. Running stages of bacteria processing to cell division. Other organisms seeking to reproduction as part of a larger cell cycle. At the intersection point of the bustling organic periods the paintings reveal a closer look to the origin of human existence. A Snapshot of biological surfaces and primeval forms supplemented by a set of technical notes and gadgets. A formally reduced representation of the processes allows the viewer to look from a non scientific point of view. As a consequence the title „Meaningful Arranged Biosphere“ leads to virtual impossibility of displaying a certain scientific Moment more meaningful, than it actually is.





Expressionen / Impressionen
Eröffnung am 16.02.2018 um 19 Uhr
Kunsthalle Lingen